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Old greyhounds never die... they run forever....

Lyman High class of 1970  Starting our 9th continuous year on the Wide World Web

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Events for 1968


Search for Tomorrow and the Guiding Light expand from 15 min. to 30 min.

CBS cuts Smother Brothers Show

Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In opens with regulars Goldie Hawn and Lily Tomlin

60 Minutes premiers with Mike Wallace and Harry Reasoner

Alaska's rich oil field, the North Slop is discovered

Summer Games are held in Mexico City

Peggy Fleming wins figure skating at Winter Games in France

Afro and corn-row hairdos are big in women's fashions

Men's ties become wider

TV nightly news shows Saigon police chief shot a prisoner in the head
Yale college admits women
Joe Nameth buys a mink coat, news media hit
John Lennon and Yoko Ono's nude record album cover is banned
Tiny Tim becomes well known singing "Come Tip Toe Through The Tulips"

Events for 1969


John Lennon and Yoko Ono marry
Sesame street begins on PBS stations
John Wayne wins Academy Award in True Grit
During Chicago 8 trial, Booby Seale is bound and gagged by judge for disruption
Unisex look comes into fashion
Jonny Unitas is named Player of the Decade
Green River by Creedence Clearwater Revival becomes a top album
Bowie Kukn becomes baseball commissioner
New Words; headhunter, hunk, command module, downers, uppers
Measles vaccine is made available
Mario Puzo's The God Father becomes a best selling book
Dustin Hoffman and John Voight star in Midnight Cowboy
TV show Hee Haw premieres

Events for 1970


Deaths; Jimi Hendrex, Janis Joplin, Sonny Liston, Charles Riggles

The war movie Patton wins several awards

Boston Bruins player Bobby Orr scores a record 120 points as a defensmen
IBM introduces the "Floppy" disk for storage
Young fashion is found in Army Navy surplus stores and thrift shops
New words; preppie, hassle, fast-food, rip-off, Fortran, blahs, put down
Vassar college admits male students for the first time
Massive recall of canned Tuna by FDA for possible mercury poisoning
Lasers are used in bombing targeting for more accuracy
NFL and AFL merge into the NFL

Frank Zappa, Miles Davis and Blood Sweat and Tears are top performers

Vietnam heats up in 1965
Words we learn as kids and Words we use today

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Who are we?  Where did we go and Where are we going? What happened?

W e are generation born in an era just after world war II, Truman and Eisenhower years - Korean war, and computers were in their infancy - man

started to reach for the sky.   In 1961 President John F. Kennedy, shaken by Soviet Yuri Gagarin's orbit of Earth, issued Americans a challenge: "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to Earth." NASA's Apollo program sprang up to meet the challenge. We graduated to the Vietnam War; man's first step on the moon; political unrest, assassination, civil rights and women's rights issues.


"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind..."  



o meet the challenge - 1970 marked a new beginning in our lives --  Lyman was but one small step in our lives - out in the world we went. 

Some got married and had families of their own, found jobs, started careers and businesses, some went on to higher education ... and yet others off to the Vietnam war and we honor those who came back and sadly miss those that didn't come back.  We all rose to meet the challenge in our own way and "to the other things" -   All and all, we got busy with life. Most of us are now in our 50s and grandparents.  We cannot forget those years at Lyman High - for we took one small step at Lyman High and one giant leap into life....


Time in History see what they looked like in 1970 Year Book [click here]


However, we have over 150 classmates that we have no information on. You may respond by phone or email to: 
Karl Williamson at (407) 830-1224 or email me 
Larry Brewer
The next reunion is scheduled for 2010!

MCiLs: Roll Call

Kristian Aalberg

Linda (Ackerman) Evans

William Adams

Jeffrey B. Adamson Susan Aikens Marian C. Anderson

Janet Aufderhaar Robert Baldwin George Barnes

Denise Audrey Barron Lenora (Bath) Hill Ron Battle

David Beique Lyman Gary Benefield Diana Lynn Boone

Diane (Boothe) Taylor Lyman High Class of 1970 John Lee Brown

Lula (Butler) Stephens Clarence Cain Charles Callahan

Susan (Carter) Hasty Christi Lynn Castle Sandra (Checky) Hochaschild

Donald Clark Kathy Jo Clark Lori Jean Coleman

Dan Collins Richard K. Conley Connie Connelly

Hiram F. Cox   Sharon (Cronk) Nicholson

Frank Crout Bruce DeBeer Linda (Delillo) Mann

Edward David Dority Chris Ellis Linda Evans

Loretta B. Evans Harrison Francis Deborah Lynn Fritsch

Alan Gaik Raymond Galliford Lillian (Gamblin) Riggs

Robert Goates Penny (Goodson) Sapp Christine (Griffith) Smith

David Grimwood Gary L. Griswold Michael C. Guerin

Farid "Fred" Hage Wesley Hallock David Hanke

Clyde Dennis Hankins Siggi A. Hardester James F. Harrington

James R. Hegwood Mark Hendrix John W. Hicks

Brenda Sue Hill James Hobbs Gerald Hodges

Bobbie Jean Hubbard David Bruce Johnson Geoffrey Johnson

Linda (Johnson) Smith Lyman High Class of 1970 Shirley Johnson

Beulah Jones Cathleen L. Jones Barbara C. Kemp

Gail Kilmer Neil Kimbro Sandra Kinkead

Michael T. Kirk Denise Kohl Marilyn (Lance) Bulgar

Columbus Lattimore, Jr. Brad Linaweaver Sharon (Lenty) Aalberg

Lee Lorenz Sandy (Lovelace) Council Tom Marine

Greg Martin James Clark Mason Terry Lee McArthur

John McElmurry Lyman High Class of 1970 Pamela McGinnis

H. J. Leslie McQuirter, Jr. John Meeks Michael T. Miller

William R. Miller Norman Mitchell James Mullens

John Nicholson, Jr. Jack Norman Steve North

Richard Payne Anthony B. Phillips Wade Pickren

Joseph Alan Pitt Daniel Poole Sandra Porter found

Lanny Pruiett Steve Pye Judy Rastatter

James Ray Robert Ray John R. Rees

Kathy (Reno) Lingscheid Joan Repaez Randy Rhodes

James Richardson Lula Belle Richardson Kirk Riley

William Allen Ritter
Found 1/10/2005
Ft. Lauderdale
Michael N. Schneider Ledgar Schulz

Daniel Lee Scott Brenda (Sellers) Wilbanks Shirley Ann Simmons

Kathy Ann Slaughter Craig Smith Patricia (Smith) Smith

Randy Smith Tina Succi Guy Summers found

Allen Swainston  James M. Thomas Russell C. Transue

Brad Turner Beverly Wade Emma Jean Wilder

Cheryl (Williamson) McClain Fayverletta Wilson Danny F. Winter

Alan Zim Danny T. Ziss Next Reunion 2010


Lyman High School class 1970

Lyman High - Can you help us find Missing Classmates? Clarence Cain - Charles Callahan - Susan (Carter) Hasty - Christi Lynn Castle - Sandra (Checky) Hochaschild - Donald Clark - Kathy Jo Clark - Lori Jean Coleman - Dan Collins - Richard K. Conley - Connie Connelly - Larry M. Cote   - Hiram F. Cox - Sharon (Cronk) Nicholson - Frank Crout - Bruce DeBeer - Linda (Delillo) Mann ....

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Lyman High School class 1970

Lyman High School class 1970


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