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Old greyhounds never die... they run forever....

Lyman High class of 1970  Starting our 9th continuous year on the Wide World Web

Lyman High '70

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1967-1969 Class reunion





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  68 Lyman Yearbook
  68 Homecoming Queen


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  Homecoming - bonfires


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'70 Lyman Year Book
'70  Reunion Album
'70 Homecoming Queen
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Class of 1969 was the
last class to graduate
in the "Old Lyman

Class of 1970 was the
first class to graduate in
the new Lyman High


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Principal Carlton Henley

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Welcome  -  Lyman High Class of 1970

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Lyman High Homecoming Queen 1968 - Queen Chenet

Lyman High Homecoming Queen 1969 - Queen Debbi  Dane Lyman High School Homecoming Queen 1970 - Queen Janis Pope
Queen Judy Chenet Queen Debbi Dane Queen Janis Pope
1968 1969 1970

1968 Class Officers 1969 Class Officers 1970 Class Officers
Do you remember when? Do you remember when? Do you remember when?

1968 Homecoming Queen

Lyman High Class of 1969

Lyman High Class of 1970
1968 Homecoming - bonfires 1969 Homecoming Queen  
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  Class President Tom Dowell - Vice-President Bruce Knoechel - Becky Reiker - Secretary : Dawn Colborn Treasurer

Spirit Abounds

  Class Officers 1970

Student Council 1968



Most Sincere & Intellectual

  The First Day of School was...


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Lyman High School class 1970

Lyman High - Can you help us find Missing Classmates? Clarence Cain - Charles Callahan - Susan (Carter) Hasty - Christi Lynn Castle - Sandra (Checky) Hochaschild - Donald Clark - Kathy Jo Clark - Lori Jean Coleman - Dan Collins - Richard K. Conley - Connie Connelly - Larry M. Cote   - Hiram F. Cox - Sharon (Cronk) Nicholson - Frank Crout - Bruce DeBeer - Linda (Delillo) Mann ....

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Lyman High School class 1970

Lyman High School class 1970


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Lyman High Class of  1970 and Lyman Class Reunion
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