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Reunion Info

Class of 1969 was the
last class to graduate
in the "Old Lyman

Class of 1970 was the
first class to graduate in
the new Lyman High

Do you remember?
Principal Carlton Henley

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Welcome  -  Lyman High Class of 1970 Class Reunion 2000

001 Karl Williamson & wife Glenda [click here]
002 Chris Cass, Denise Morrison, Holly Brownell & Chris Morrison [click here]
003 Patty Rose & husband Bobby Smith (LHS 69), Tom Howe & wife Pat
deVries, Diane Castle, Ellen Topping, Kerry Hicks (behind Ellen)
& Jim Lafleur (by window)[click here]
004 Charles O'Meara & Hal Stokes [click here]
005 Gina Culbreth & Maureen Lafleur [click here]
006 Hal Stokes & wife, Bobbie [click here]
007 Linda Isbell & husband Bill Downing, Nora Flavin, Charles O'Meara [click here]
008 Janis Pope & Patty Rose [click here]
009 Pat deVries, Janis Pope, Becky French & Veronica Dudek [click here]
010 Mary Fisk & husband Phillip Farr [click here]
011 Bruce Knoechel (Changed The Least Award) & wife Karen Miles [click here]
012  Marc Hultin & wife [click here]
013 Jill Mingo & husband Terry Mann [click here]
014 Dawn Colborn & husband Greg Bretz [click here]
015  Kerry Hicks[click here]
016 Janice Bigelow (Changed The Most Award) & husband Thomas Casserino [click here]
017 Jill Mingo & husband Terry Mann & Karen Donaldson [click here]
018 Mike Griffin & wife Kathy Hudson (Longest Marriage Award)[click here]
019 Mike Griffin, Kathy Hudson, Ellen Topping & Chuck Grile [click here]
020 Linda Isbell & Debbie Yates [click here]
021 Julian Jordan (is that a halo?), Tanner Girard & wife Suellen [click here]
022 Larry Glynn & Doug Reedy [click here]
023 Patty Gray & husband Tim Neff [click here]
024 Reunion Planning Committee - Charles O'Meara, Gina Culbreth,
Jim Lafleur, Jean Highsmith, Karl Williamson, Patty Rose &
Veronica Dudek [click here]
025 Reunion Planning Committee - Charles O'Meara, Gina Culbreth,
Jim Lafleur, Jean Highsmith, Karl Williamson, Patty Rose &
Veronica Dudek [click here]
026 Nancy Halsey, Gail Voskan & Donna Scott [click here]
027 Greg Harbot & wife [click here]
028 Mark Neufeld & Larry Glynn [click here]
029 Larry Glynn, Veronica Dudek & Craig Voskan [click here]
030 Diane Castle, ? , Ilene Frier [click here]
031 Charles O'Meara & Karen Donaldson [click here]
032 Janet Cody [click here]
033 George Gizelt [click here]
034 George Gizelt, Nancy Halsey & husband Jim Powell [click here]
035 Denise Morrison, Greg's Brother Chris Morrison (LHS 74) [click here]
036 Nora Flavin [click here]
037 ? , I remembered her at the time. [click here]
038 Judy Golz & Mark Neufeld [click here]
039 Jim Lafleur & Mary Parker [click here]
040 Diana Ricks, Jim Lafleur, Mary Parker & Linda DeLillo [click here]
041] Bruce Sanderson & wife Kathy, Gail Voskan & Charles O'Meara [click here]
042 Donna Scott & Bruce Sanderson [click here]
043 Doug Reedy & wife Sharon [click here]
044 Karl Williamson & Gina Culbreth (it was not the way it looks ) [click here]
045 Gina Culbreth, Karl Williamson (1st time ever in a cap & gown) &
Charles O'Meara [click here]
046 Ellen Topping, Karen Donaldson, Kathy Hudson, Mike Griffin [click here]
047] Chris Morrison (LHS 74), Ginger Jeffcoat, Linda Norris &
husband Ron LLoyd [click here]
048 The Girls Dancing - Jean Highsmith, Holly Brownell & Gina Culbreth [click here]
049 Chuck Grile & wife Tina [click here]
050 Janet Cody, Gina Culbreth, Larry Glynn & Skip Higley [click here]
051 Richard Sturgill & wife Jeannie [click here]
052 Doug Reedy, Craig Voskan, Gail Voskan & Mark Neufeld [click here]
053 Janet Cody, Nancy Halsey, Charlotte Smith and husband
Ray Robinson, Karl Williamson, Kathy Hudson & Mike Griffin [click here]
054 Diana Ricks, Janis Pope, Karen Donaldson & Karl Williamson [click here]
055 Janis Pope (Most Children Award with EIGHT!) & after years of
anticipation Karl finally gets to kiss Janis [click here]
056 Mary Fritsch (LHS 69) & Dixie Doyle [click here]
057 Vickie Williams & Pam Ray [click here]
058 Dean Noland & wife Cheryl [click here]
059 Steve Cockrell & Bruce Sanderson's wife Kathy [click here]
060 Debbie (check out them legs) Yates & Donna Scott [click here]
061 Lyman's Class of 1970 [click here]
062 Lyman's Class of 1970 [click here]
063 Lyman's Class of 1970 [click here]
064 Lyman's Class of 1970 [click here]
065 Lyman's Class of 1970 [click here]
066 Girls On The Dance Floor [click here]
067 Carl Wessels, Janis Pope & Pat deVries [click here]
068 Steve Cockrell & Lee Constantine [click here]
069 Scott "Gant Man" Clemens & Jill Mingo [click here]
070 Charles O'Meara in his 1960s shorts (I'm impressed!) [click here]
071 Bruce Knoechel, Lee Constantine & Greg Morrison [click here]
072 Bruce Knoechel & Connie Eriksen [click here]
073 Steve Cockrell & Valerie Dunn [click here]
074 Babes On Parade [click here]
075 Julian (Wild Man) Jordan & Nancy Halsey[click here]

Web Master Larry Brewer and My Family

Larry Brewer and Kids at Mesa Verda 1995
Picture of my Twin Girls [age 13] w/ friends. Shoshana is on the left in blue clothes and Miriam is second from the right in blue clothes.
My sons Dovid [14] and Adom [11] studying Gemorah 1999
Thanks to my wife and kids ... for all your help ...  Larry Brewer Lyman class of 1970
Wife, Miriam, Adom, Dovid, Shoshanah

Last known photo me / with Kids -- This Page also has a Master List of Reunion Pics with a link for easy viewing.

Where in the World is... - 1970 yearbook picture

Lyman High School class 1970

Lyman High - Can you help us find Missing Classmates? Clarence Cain - Charles Callahan - Susan (Carter) Hasty - Christi Lynn Castle - Sandra (Checky) Hochaschild - Donald Clark - Kathy Jo Clark - Lori Jean Coleman - Dan Collins - Richard K. Conley - Connie Connelly - Larry M. Cote   - Hiram F. Cox - Sharon (Cronk) Nicholson - Frank Crout - Bruce DeBeer - Linda (Delillo) Mann ....

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Lyman High School class 1970

Lyman High School class 1970


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