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Class of 1969 was the
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Class of 1970 was the
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the new Lyman High


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 Movies 1967-1970

The Graduate (1967)


Oliver Academy
Award for Best Picture of 1968  


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Welcome  -  Lyman High Class of 1970 

Books From Our Lyman Years
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Movie for 1967

TM   The Jungle Book $141,843,612
TM   The Graduate $104,397,102
TM   Born Losers $36,000,000
TM   I AM Curious $20,238,100
NR   A Fistful of Dollars  
NR   Accident   
NR   Barefoot in the Park   
NR   Bonnie and Clyde   
NR   Cool Hand Luke  
NR   El Dorado   
NR   Guess Who's Coming to Dinner   
NR   In Cold Blood   
NR   In the heat of the night  
NR   Reflections in a Golden Eye   
NR   The Dirty Dozen  
NR   The Good, the Bad and the Ugly  
NR   The Night of the Generals  
NR   The War Wagon   
NR   Two for the Road
AW   Rod Steiger: In the Heat of the Night  Best Actor
AW   Katharine Hepburn: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner  Best Actress
AW   Mike Nichols: The Graduate  Best Director
AW Walter Mirisch: In the Heat of the Night Best Picture
AW George Kennedy: Cool Hand Luke  Best Supporting Actor
AW Estelle Parsons: Bonnie and Clyde  Best Supporting Actress

Movie for 1968

TM 2001: A Space Odyssey $56,715,371 
TM   Planet of the Apes $26,000,000
TM   Star!   $4,000,000 
TM   Speedway   $3,000,000 
NR   Barbarella   
NR   Charlie Bubbles   
NR   Charly   
NR   Faces   
NR   Funny Girl   
NR   Hang 'Em High   
NR   Oliver!   
NR   Petulia   
NR   Pretty Poison   
NR   Rachel, Rachel   
NR   Romeo and Juliet   
NR   Rosemary's Baby   
NR   The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour   
NR   The Lion in Winter   
NR   The Producers   
NR   The Thomas Crown Affair   
NR   Yellow Submarine   
AW   Cliff Robertson: Charly  Best Actor
AW   Barbra Streisand: Funny Girl tied with Katharine Hepburn: Lion in Winter  Best Actress
AW   Carol Reed: Oliver!  Best Director:
AW   John Woolf: Oliver!  Best Picture:
AW Jack Albertson: The Subject Was Roses  Best Supporting Actor:
AW Ruth Gordon: Rosemary's Baby  Best Supporting Actress:

Movie for 1969


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid $96,700,000 
TM On Her Majesty's Secret Service $22,800,000 
TM True Grit   $14,250,000
TM Hello, Dolly! $9,000,000
TM   Alice's Restaurant $6,300,000 
NR Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice
NR Easy Rider 
NR   Goodbye Columbus   
NR   Medium Cool   
NR   Midnight Cowboy   
NR   My Night at Maud's   
NR   The Damned   
NR   The Love Bug "Herbie"   
NR   The Sterile Cuckoo   
NR   The Wild Bunch   
NR   They Shoot Horses, Donít they  
    John Wayne: True Grit  Best Actor:
  Maggie Smith: The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Best Actress
    John Schlesinger: Midnight Cowboy Best Director
    Jerome Hellman: Midnight Cowboy  Best Picture 
  Gig Young: They Shoot Horses, Don't They?  Best Supporting Actor
    Goldie Hawn: Cactus Flower Best Supporting Actress

Movies for 1970


Lyman High School class 1970

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Lyman High School class 1970

Lyman High School class 1970


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